Best AI Marketing Companies in 2023

Best AI Marketing Companies

You must have heard about the use of artificial intelligence (AI), but what does that mean for marketing?

Well for starters, AI has the potential according to change how we interact with customers. the technology can automate certain processes and improve our understanding of customer behavior. While many businesses are still trying to understand how best to use AI in marketing, there are multiple companies that are leading the way.

In this post, we’ll take a look at some of the best AI marketing companies and explore what they’re doing to stay ahead of the curve. Whether you’re looking to incorporate AI into your own marketing or just want to keep up with the latest trends, these companies are worth keeping an eye on.

Why do you need to know about marketing companies which are AI-based?

In recent years, you must have seen a growing interest in the field of artificial intelligence (AI). This is due in part to the increasing availability of data and the computing power needed to process it. As a result, AI is being used in a variety of industries, including marketing.

Marketing companies are using AI to help them better understand customer behavior and preferences. This data can then be used to create more targeted and personalized marketing campaigns. In addition, AI can be used to automate tasks such as email marketing and social media management.

As a result, AI is playing an increasingly important role in the marketing industry.

The Boom of AI Social Media Influencers

What Is Artificial Intelligence Marketing?

By merging consumer data with AI principles such as machine learning, artificial intelligence marketing (AI Marketing) is a technique for forecasting your client’s next move and enhancing the customer journey. Advances in artificial intelligence have made it easier for organizations to do so.

AI can help companies establish more effective marketing strategies, improve the customer journey, and change the way they attract, nurture, and convert prospects. The graphic below shows how AI and machine learning can be applied at various stages of the client’s lifetime.

AI in Marketing Case Studies

  • Smart Insights – Many people consider artificial intelligence in marketing to be science fiction rather than reality, yet it isn’t a far-fetched concept; it already exists. Only 29% of marketing executives used AI in 2018, according to Salesforce, but that number is predicted to climb to 84 percent by 2020. According to IDC, by the end of 2021, global investment in artificial intelligence hardware, software, and services would reach $340 billion.
  • Salesforce – If you haven’t yet evaluated AI’s potential in marketing, now is the moment to do so. We’ve selected ten remarkable artificial intelligence marketing examples to get you started. Because of technology improvements, advertising and marketing have changed considerably since the Mad Men era in the 1960s.

Advertising with Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence has improved the personalization of advertising for consumers while also increasing the efficiency of advertisers. Advertising and marketing organizations may use AI to target the appropriate customers at the right moment to increase customer engagement and revenue.

Despite the fact that today’s tech-infused sector has little similarity to Sterling Cooper & Partners, the two companies share a common goal: finding the proper consumers. AI has made this a more precise science than it was previously. Artificial intelligence is used by all of these businesses to build the most effective advertising campaigns and marketing tactics.

How Artificial Intelligence Is Changing Video Editing

Details of Best AI Marketing Companies

  1. Ada

Location: Completely isolated

  • What it does: Ada has created a sophisticated automation platform that helps companies and customers forge stronger ties. Ada’s technology can help businesses track customers throughout their journeys, start timely engagements, and communicate with customers across digital and social media.
  • Ada’s automation technology delivers good client encounters, resulting in increased customer bases and lower turnover. Businesses may now give service 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and automate routine processes. As a result, teams may devote more time to resolving complex issues and enhancing customer satisfaction.
  1. Amplero 

Location: Seattle, Washington

  • What it does: Amplero is an AI marketing hub that claims to make customer interactions uniform across all channels. The platform gives marketers new ways to look at existing consumer data, allows them to execute more tests, and highlights key patterns to aid teams in developing new strategies.
  • Industry impact: After working with Amplero, a mobile carrier observed a nine-fold increase in average income per user in the first 30 days and a seven-fold increase in revenue life after 90 days. It even lowered the number of client interactions each month from 21 to two.
  1. GumGum

Location: Chicago and Santa Monica, California

  • What it does: GumGum creates computer vision technology that advertisers and marketers may utilize to better target their adverts. The AI system analyses videos and images across many platforms, assisting marketers in delivering more relevant adverts, increasing engagement, and increasing brand memory.
  • GumGum works with 70% of Fortune 100 firms, including L’Oreal, T-Mobile, Johnson & Johnson, and Miller Lite, to name a few.
  1. Sizmek

Location: Austin, Texas

  • Sizmek’s AI-powered platform provides insights that help businesses better comprehend customer data and, as a result, create more relevant content and campaigns. Sizmek’s artificial intelligence (AI) technology analyses billions of data points to assist identify the optimal times, messages, and surroundings for maximizing conversions.
  • According to Sizmek, the industry has an impact “We utilize AI to identify and act on previously unseen dimensions and linkages between companies and their customers,” says Nikos Acua, “chief visionary.” As a result, each ad impression provides a better user experience.”
  1. Albert

Location: New York

  • Albert Technologies is a company that creates artificial intelligence solutions for companies and agencies. The program works across all stages of the customer lifecycle, including Google Ads, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and Gmail. Albert, the company’s self-contained digital marketer, manages campaigns from start to finish and provides cross-channel data insights.
  • Industry impact: An Albert client, Harley-Davidson NYC, reported a 566 percent boost in website views and attributes 40 percent of its motorcycle sales to Albert. Since Albert’s implementation, a number of other Harley-Davidson franchises have started collaborating with the AI digital marketer.

Location: Palo Alto, California

  • What it does: is a conversational marketing platform that employs artificial intelligence (AI) chatbots to improve consumer experiences. To improve bot-customer engagement, the AI platform can be trained using sentiment, intent, and entities.
  • Many brands use’s platform to grow and engage customers with tailored communications, including Kohler,,, and Flawless by Gabrielle Union.
  1. Invoca

Location: Santa Barbara, California

  • What it does: Invoca is a call monitoring and analytics company that helps marketers track inbound calls and attribute them to specific digital initiatives. By analyzing live phone calls and generating predictive models, the AI platform simplifies attribution and provides accurate views of actionable data and conversions.
  • Industry impact: Microsoft Store, Microsoft’s online selling destination, receives a high volume of purchases, yet consumer data for attribution purposes is frequently unavailable afterward. Microsoft can use Invoca to track calls and attribute income to the channels from which they originated. Microsoft’s chief of display advertising, Mitch Gray, claims that the corporation has already seen a 30 percent rise in revenue.
  1. Amazon Introduces Personalization

Amazon was one of the first companies to use machine learning to provide personalized product suggestions. Nonetheless, extending these capabilities to organizations that use Amazon Web Services has proven difficult for the brand.

Amazon Personalize, which delivers’s machine learning capabilities to AWS clients for use in their apps, became generally available in June 2019.

Since its initial launch, Amazon has improved Personalize’s capability to the point that it can now give up to 50% better recommendations across a variety of fast-changing product genres, such as books, movies, music, and news articles.

Personalize is already being used by brands including Domino’s, Yamaha, Subway, and Zola, a wedding planning firm, to emphasize musical instruments, and in-store catalogs, offer ingredient and flavor recommendations and create unique style combinations.

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  1. Marketers

Location: Mountain View, California

  • What it does is this: Marketers can use up to 15 headlines and four description lines in Google’s responsive search advertisements. The company’s machine learning algorithm then figures out which combination works best for each search query. It also optimizes local advertising and ad placement.
  • Industry impact: eBay brand GittiGidiyor witnessed a 28 percent boost in return on ad expenditure and a 4% rise in sales after using Google’s Smart Shopping campaigns for ad management.
  1. Influential

Location: Las Vegas, Nevada

  • What it does: Influential is a social media influencer marketplace that uses artificial intelligence to recommend social media influencers to brands and businesses. Based on audience demographics, psychographics, and contextual data, the Influential engine analyses data to discover suitable influencers for companies.
  • Kia Motors used the influencer marketplace to create a commercial for the 2016 Super Bowl. It raised awareness of the Kia Optima and the #AddPizzazz campaign by engaging influencers to share sponsored material.
  1. Quantcast

Location: San Francisco, California

  • What it does: Quantcast’s AI audience behavior platform “Q” assists brand marketers and agencies in making data-driven decisions by developing brand-specific prediction models and AI-driven audience targeting using data from over 100 million web and mobile sites.
  • Industry impact: Bonobos, an online menswear retailer, was able to target new customers who shared similar online browsing habits as its current site visitors and converts by using Quantcast. Craig Elbert, Bonobos’ vice president of marketing, said the company is still growing “Continually seeking out new customers We’ve more than doubled our customer acquisition via display advertising in only a few months.”

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