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Are you considering outsourcing your video and post production? Use this calculator to determine how much it will cost and how much you should pay.

Video Editing Cost Calculator

Use our calculator to get the estimated cost of a video editor. Rav.ai video production cost calculator is going to help you estimate the budget for video production.

How many videos do you edit a month?
How many hours does it take you to edit a video?
How much do you value your time at each hour?
Pro software option
How much is that new computer you've been eyeing up to edit on?
A year's subscription to Shutterstock
A years subscription to Soundstripe
A years subscription to Story Blocks stock footage
1st years cost of editing yourself
Total: $
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What are video editing services?

After video footage is recorded, editing is the process of clipping, adjusting, and adding effects to make the video engaging. Types of of video editing services include video editing services that focus on a particular type of content like home video, social media, movies or broadcast sports just to name a few.

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Looking for video editing services Near You?

It is always a tricky decision to do it yourself or hire a professional video editing service. Often you can identify the right video editing company by seeing the services offered on their website. But with the adoption of cloud based storage like Google Drive and meeting services like Zoom, it is almost never required to have an editor that is located in your physical proximity.

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