How Can I Edit Videos on My Computer? 2023 Updated Guide!

How Can I Edit Videos on My Computer

From Ads to vlogging, the video format has changed the dynamics of social media platforms. You’ll see short and to-the-point videos everywhere, whether it’s Facebook reels or Instagram reels. In reality, it’s a good sign since such videos consume less time.

Anyhow, the increasing demand for video content has forced every social media business and even individuals to create more high-quality video content. And to make that content stand out, they have to ensure that the editing is done right.

Everyone seems to have their own perception when it comes to editing your own videos. For example, the majority believes that video editing is quite tough; in reality, many popular video editing tools have made editing almost any type of video easier. This blog post highlights what it takes to edit a video on a computer. So, let us get into it!

How can I Edit Videos on My computer? – All that it takes?

As mentioned, editing your videos on the computer is not tough. However, you need the right tools and a bit of motivation. That’s pretty much it. So, here is a list of some software that will help you get started. Let us take a look at them!

Method 1 – Using the Windows In-Built Editor (The Photos App)

Microsoft’s Windows 10 brings a lot of cool features to the table. One of such feature is the photos app. Now, this app is a lot more capable than most of users. For instance, it can also be used to edit videos apart from photos. So, this in-built editor is a perfect choice for those who don’t have any editing software or can’t afford the paid ones.

To edit any video using the photos app, you must right-click on the clip and click on edit with Photos app. This way, you will be redirected to the Photos App.

Within this app, you get pretty decent editing features. For example, you can add text to your videos, and also many filter options are there. So, apart from basic trimming, you can give a unique touch to your video using the windows 10 in-built video editor.

Method 2: Edit Videos on Your Computer or Laptop Using iMovie

Now, let’s not forget the Mac users. For these users, there is no better starting option than iMovie. It is basically a free video editing tool that comes pre-installed with every Mac Device (be it a MacBook or an iPad).

Just like windows video editor, you can easily edit as many videos as you want using iMovie. For the most part, there are no any restrictions. That means you can export your edited video without any watermark.

Furthermore, iMovie lets you crop your videos, add text overlays, and even various video elements are supported. But, again, the best aspect here is that it is absolutely free, and there are no any ads popping around while you edit.

Therefore, for Mac users, we think iMovie is the best free video editing tool to edit videos on a computer or laptop.

Method 3: Use Any Video Editing Tool to Edit Videos on a Computer

The third and most effective method in this regard is to use any 3rd party video editing tool. Now, if we talk about such tools, you are bombarded with a long list of editing tools (both paid and free).

However, for your ease and convenience, we have listed down the most appropriate ones. Let us take a look at a few of these editing tools.

1: WonderShare Filmora

The WonderShare Filmora is an excellent video editing software for editing videos on a computer or laptop. You might have heard a lot of good aspects about this software. But, in reality, this software is super easy to use.

That’s one reason why we think every beginner should get hands-on editing experience using this software. Furthermore, you can also add a ton of creative video elements using this software.

For example, adding text overlays and splitting the video in different sections is all pretty easy on Filmora. So, if you are a beginner or know the basics of video editing, you will find Filmora a reliable tool for making the most out of your videos.

Last but not the least, Filmora is also available on smartphones (both iOS and Android).


Next up, we have the It’s arguably the best Ai-Powered video editing solution to date. There is just so much to like about the As mentioned, it is powered by artificial intelligence, so you can edit and upload high-quality videos in no time.

Basically, it automates your editing process. Here is how you can quickly edit high-quality and engaging videos using

Step 1:

Start a New Project

First, you have to start a new project in So, simply click on the new project and upload all your media files.

Step 2:

Choose a Reference Video

Next, you have to choose a sample (a reference video). You can upload a sample video from any platform. will consider this video as a reference. This helps understand your editing requirements.

Step 3:

Add Edit Notes

In the third step, you have the option to add edit notes. Now, edit notes are basically sided notes. takes these edit notes as special editing instructions. So, for example, if you want it to choose a particular filter, theme, or music for your videos, you can just type it in the edit notes.

Step 4: You’ll Have Your Edited Video in No-Time

Assuming that you have followed all the steps carefully, will deliver an edited video as per your requirements. If the video misses something, you can always submit a revision. The platform will re-edit the video for you until it meets your requirements.

3: Blender

Blender is a very popular editing tool out there. It is best known for motion graphics since it has plenty of features for animators. However, it is equally good for video editing. Note that some of its features are more suitable to intermediate and advanced-level users.

But don’t worry; even a beginner can use Blender to edit videos on a computer or laptop. The slow rendering process may not impress anyone, but it’s part of the editing process.

For casual editors, there are plenty of tools to trim, crop, and reshape video clips. Moreover, you can also apply various filters and video elements to your videos. Lastly, Blender is free software, so that’s super helpful for the majority.

4: WeVideo

Many users prefer editing videos through a web-based editor. Furthermore, if you don’t want to download any editing software, you can use WeVideo. It supports almost all video formats and also has its own media library.

Moreover, plenty of video filters and effects are available for you to choose from. However, you have to buy a paid subscription to get the most out of it. In short, WeVideo is a good alternative to other video editing software.

5: EaseUS Video Editor

For beginner-level video editors, the EaseUS video editor is a good option. That’s because it is relatively easier to use and has a very clean interface. Furthermore, it is one of the best video editors out there for simple trimming and adding video filters.

On the downside, you may not get as many pro features as some other tools offer. So, that’s a kind of a turn-off. But, we still recommend EaseUS editor to beginners. Note that it’s a free editing tool.

Final Thoughts!

So, now you know how to edit a video on a computer. The process is quite simple and straightforward. You can rely on any editing tool or software if you are a beginner. But to edit quality videos in a short span of time, we recommend

That’s because it is an Ai-Powered video editing solution. So you can quickly get edited videos. Furthermore, it lets you upload a reference video so you can get your video files edited like any other video on the web. Try it out today!

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