Kamua Reviews And Alternative in 2022

Kamua Reviews And Alternative

When you want to buy a new product, the first thing you do is read reviews. It’s either thumbs up or thumbs down from there, and then you make your decision based on what others have had to say about it. We all know that feeling of being let down by something we were really looking forward to purchasing. Well, that’s why we are here to tell you honest review of Kamua as well as a few alternative products that might be a better fit for you. Let’s get started!

What is Kamua?

Kamua is a video editing application that assists individuals and businesses in editing and creating films for social networking, marketing, and other uses. Users can modify words, fonts, text position and size, and auto caption their films with this tool. Users can preview their altered films on any platform before they are rendered. Thanks to the built-in AutoCrop feature, Kamua saves users a lot of time and work by automatically turning long YouTube videos into smaller ones. Users can change the screen ratio of videos to fit the requirements of a specific social media post. It also has an AutoCut feature that slices videos into separate components automatically, maintaining only the elements that are needed in the video. The programme includes online video training as well as a person support system to assist video creators at every stage. It can also edit videos without lowering their quality, so they look nice on browsers and even on television. Moreover it can transform long-form videos for Youtube into short-form videos for TikTok and Instagram automatically by:

  • Changing the video size and aspect ratio from horizontal to vertical
  • Artificial intelligence is used to choose the best area of your video to crop.
  • Filters are applied automatically to make things appear great for your followers.
  • Subtitles are automatically added.
  • Kamua makes it simple to extend into new areas and create more money for anyone who has a social media presence on a single social media website.

What is Kamua’s Purpose?

Freelancers, social media influencers, and content creators are the perfect fit for Kamua. Anyone who uses videos to generate sales and followers can benefit from this application, which streamlines their workflow. This AI-enabled video editor will also be useful for individuals who want to reuse their existing video content. Kamua is also ideal for anyone who needs to add subtitles to their social media videos automatically. Subtitles in videos make it easier for your audience to understand your products and services, and they’re also helpful for SEO.

Kamua: Pros and Cons


  • Create 90 percent faster video content. If you’re a video editor who receives bulk video editing orders from clients, you can simply speed up your work. It is now much easier to get your films on several social media networks if you are busy. You should anticipate to work 50 percent to 90 percent faster with the Kamua video editor at best.
  • No prior experience is required. Kamua was created with people like you in mind, even if you aren’t a professional video editor. You don’t need any prior programming experience or knowledge. You can modify or resize any video for different social media networks in seconds.
  • Kamua supports video subtitles in up to 60 languages with captions and subtitles. This implies that if your video is in Chinese, you can have it subtitled in any other language you like.
  • Kamua use artificial intelligence to complete more tasks in less time. You can save time instead of spending all day editing videos for your social media profiles. Kamua uses artificial intelligence to trim, edit, and optimise your films.
  • Kamua can be used to promote your company’s brand. This app assists you in automating the process of creating fantastic videos and sharing them on IGTV, Facebook, Snapchat, TikTok, and other social media platforms.


  • Only supports desktop. Kamua is currently only optimised for desktop. If you wish to utilise Kamua on your smartphone, go to your phone’s top right settings and select “request desktop site.”

Kamua Pricing

Kamua has three pricing tiers, as well as a free option. Let’s have a look at what each of these plans includes.

  1. Plan that is completely Free

The free plan has several limitations. You receive 1 GB of cloud storage and a limit of 1 hour of footage. Furthermore, you are limited to 14 days of video storage. To save space, the service then deletes your content. AutoCrop, Key frames, and automatic transcripts and captions are included in all plans, even the free one.

  1. Dipper for your Toes

It costs $1.99 per month to subscribe to the Toe Dipper plan. You will get the following benefits for this price:

  • Time of storage is limitless
  • Ten gigabytes of cloud storage
  • The duration of the footage is limited to one hour.
  • The Tie Dipper plans and higher provide access to an NVIDIA Accelerated Cloud GPU, 4K video support, and early access to emerging AI features, in addition to the free functionality.
  1. Supporter

The Supporter plan is available for $25 per month. This package includes:

  • Cloud storage of 50 GB
  • Duration of film is limited to two hours.
  • You also get all of the other Toe Dipper plan perks, plus 50 non-watermarked videos.


The Premium plan costs $100 per year. This plan includes all of the benefits of the Toe Dipper plan, as well as the following:

  • 500 GB cloud storage
  • 300 non-watermarked films for your social media accounts, with a maximum of 10 hours of filming.

Overall, Kamua adapts well to your demands and the number of videos you wish to convert automatically.

Kamua Features

Automatically Convert YouTube Videos to TikTok Kamua can assist you in automatically converting your YouTube videos to TikTok’s algorithm and video criteria. For your TikTok account, you don’t need to make and shoot individual videos. You may utilise the AutoCrop tool to transform your existing YouTube videos into TikTok-friendly formats. The same may be said for other video social media platforms. Kamua uses artificial intelligence to transform your information to the right resolution, size, video format, and length.

  1. A Sneak Peek at the Video

You can simply preview how your videos will appear across all social media platforms using Kamua. It is not necessary to initially transfer videos to your phone in order to test them with a social media account.

  1. Previews for the following Titles are available on Kamua
  • Instagram
  • Facebook 
  • TikTok 
  • Pinterest
  • Snapchat
  1. Editing Videos Automatically

You don’t have to waste hours sifting through videos looking for images and sequences. You can split your videos into component shots automatically with Kamua in seconds. That way, you may jump right into editing. This feature alone is well worth the price of admission!

  1. Create Eye-Catching Advertisements

You don’t have to sacrifice quality to reach your target audience when creating video commercials for your products or services. Kamua allows you to create great video advertisements for applications and social media platforms that employ square, vertical, or any other video format.

  1. Increase your Online Sales

To bring clients to your online store, Kamua can adapt or transform your existing social network videos. This is manual labour that you don’t have to undertake, allowing you to concentrate on other parts of sales.

Kamua Alternatives

  1. Google Translate

Google Translate is a free online translation service that can translate text and web pages between more than 50 languages in real time. Voice input is available on both the iPhone and Android versions.

  1. Rav.ai

Rav.ai is a artificial intelligence based video editing platform that can help you create beautiful, professional-looking videos with ease. The best part about Rav.ai is that it is very easy to use and you don’t need any prior video editing experience to get started. With Rav.ai, you can simply upload your videos, select the style you want, and let the platform do the rest. Rav.ai will automatically edit your videos according to the style you have selected and create a stunning, polished final product. Whether you’re looking to create a corporate video or a marketing reel, Rav.ai is the perfect solution for you.

  1. Linguee

Linguee is a brand-new dictionary app for language pairs such as French-English, Spanish-English, and others. Even if you’re offline, you’ll be able to find accurate translations in the shortest time possible.

  1. Tatoeba

Tatoeba is a big library of example sentences translated into multiple languages at its heart. Look up examples of sentences in a variety of languages. Make your own sentences and translate them. It’s open, free, and addictive all at the same time.

  1. Lingoes

Lingoes is a simple and user-friendly dictionary and text translation programme. It includes lookup dictionaries, full text translation, word capture on screen, text translation, and word pronunciation.

  1. Microsoft Translator

Microsoft Translator is your gateway to the rest of the world. Translator apps are available for all of your favourite devices, allowing you to translate anything, anywhere, and at any time into 50 different languages.

  1. S3.Translator

Google Translate’s automatic translations are now available in your browser thanks to S3.Translator! It may translate a single word, a phrase, or an entire webpage between any of the 100+ languages available.

  1. Mate Translate

Are you looking for a simple and enjoyable language converter app? Then get Mate Translate right now. Mate Translate supports 103 languages and can conduct text translations, speech-to-text translations, and device synchronisation.

  1. Bing Translator

Bing Translator (formerly Live Search Translator and Windows Live Translator) is a Microsoft Bing tool that allows you to translate texts or full web pages into multiple languages.

  1. ImTranslator

ImTranslator gives you access to online translation for over 66 languages, powered by Babylon, Google, Microsoft, and other translation engines. Dictionary, text-to-speech, virtual keyboard, spell checking, and back translation are all included in ImTranslator.

  1. Saladict

Saladict is a professional inline translator browser plugin with comprehensive dictionaries spanning all major languages, designed for comparative reading.

  1. Lingvanex

The Lingvanex translator app is a cutting-edge translation application that supports 127 languages. All-in-one tools for your projects! Text, voice, photos, online sites, and documents can all be translated. It’s fun to learn a new language. For MacOS, there’s the Lingvanex translator app.

  1. Translate.google tooltip

With the Alt key pressed, select a word or phrase, then hover over an icon below the selection. A tooltip with the translation will appear almost instantly.

  1. FCorp English Dictionary

The English Dictionary is a portable application that allows you to search using a variety of methods. You may quickly look up any term in the English Dictionary and learn more about it. This application can be run immediately from your USB device whenever you require an English dictionary.

  1. gKamus

gKamus is a dictionary application that converts single English words to their Indonesian equivalents and vice versa. It also has fancy English tenses, English irregular verb tables, and an English alphabet list.

  1. Purple Dictionary

This project has been superseded by https://lingo-dictionary.launchpad.net. Lingo will be available in Luna and is fully backwards compatible.

  1. Google Translator for Firefox

With this addon, you may instantly translate any text into your native language with a single click or hotkey. You can either translate the selected text, which will overwrite the original selected content, or you can also translate the entire page.

  1.  Languages

Without the need for an internet connection, this translation is lightning fast.

  1. Translate.eu

English, French, German, Russian, Spanish, and a variety of additional languages are all available for free multilingual translation online. Bing is the engine that drives this site.

  1. Lingviny

Lingviny aids in the creation of multilingual email. Whether you’re sending an email to a friend, relative, business partner, or customer, you can now be assured that your message will be received.


Kamua is a review site that has been in business for a few years now. They offer an AI-based service that can help you get more online reviews. The thing is, there are many other review sites out there that also offer this same service, and sometimes it’s hard to know which one to choose. We believe Rav.ai offers the best option because of its focus on customer satisfaction and providing value first and foremost. Not only do they have the most comprehensive platform when it comes to collecting data and managing your reputation, but their team is always available to help you make the most of your account. If you’re looking for an AI-based solution to getting more online reviews, we highly recommend Rav.ai to choose. 

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