Social Media Automation Platform


An automated video editing service requires no user involvement besides uploading raw
footage. The raw footage is then custom edited by a robot. This professional-quality video is
optimized for engagement on social media.

Yes, video can now be edited without human input. Automated systems like can take
raw footage and merge clips to produce story-telling videos – cutting clips, adding
soundtrack and applying graphics.

In automated content generation, like, the platform will edit and publish videos on
different social media platforms without any human involvement.

AI video editor helps in automating the video editing and publishing process. You can
get your video edited by a robot. is one of the best ai video editors available in
the market. is offering the fastest method to become an influencer on social media. We are
providing access to our automated video editing service. We are also providing a social
media coaching course that covers proven strategies for rapid growth.

You will learn how to manage and grow your social media platforms with the help of our
courses. We compile strategies from experts to leverage insider secrets for each lesson.

You will get 24/7 support from the team outside of the course. During the course, you
will have access to free support from our team.

To top it all off, we purchased a high-quality workbook that you can use to work your way through the lessons step by step!

Don’t worry, we are here to help you create and automate professional social media
accounts for your business.

There is no limit to success. If you have 10K followers, we’ll help you reach 100K by
producing quality video content for your social media platforms. is world’s first AI based social media automation and coaching platform. The top
companies in the world are moving towards automation to tackle these tasks. is
revolutionizing the social media industry with our AI-based system. uses artificial intelligence to edit videos. You simply upload your raw footage and any
notes for inspiration. will edit your footage for any social media platform. The best
thing about is that you will learn how to manage all of your social media accounts
using AI and automation.