17 Best Content Automation AI Tools in 2022 You Must Know

17 Best Content Automation AI Tools

Content creation is one of the best online selling services. Many of us are not pros at creating excellent content. Furthermore, we like being in control and want others to work on our projects as we maintain our status as boss.

Modern artificial intelligence and machine learning models can bring this revolution to us.

You just need to give commands and can get the content of your demand in seconds. It comes out to be a dream but welcomes the mechanized world of technology.

Here digital robots will work for you to provide content of your choice.

You can get thousands of AI tools for content automation, but the most enormous ask is, “What are the best content automation AI tools available now.”

Don’t worry. You came to the right place. This article is all about the best content automation AI tools and their precise descriptions.

AI-Powered Creation

Content automation using AI tools means a machine or robot will work for you. It offers SEO-optimized articles, marketing copy, and blog posts and now it is showing promising audio and video creation results.

Being a human, you have to give commands or tell the software your demands with specific fields and parameters. The machine will generate the content in seconds, right before your eyes.

Ultimately, you can save lots of your time and get high-quality content in seconds. If we talk about the AI tools for content creation, it simply means the tools you use for content automation.

Each AI tool or software has its range in quality. Some give you a perfect blog post or articles, and others work best for automatic email lines and Ad copy. These platforms can write anything of your choice.

Famous content writers are already using AI tools to save time. These tools work on natural language generation and natural language processing models.

These software research and understand the human requirements and the content audience for a specific topic. Then, they rewrite or generate new content accordingly.

These robotic base tools use the contents, articles, research papers, or blog posts to understand the concepts of a specific article in seconds and give the results in seconds.

It did not copy-paste content, so don’t worry about plagiarism and copyright issues. If it copies any content, it gives you paraphrase content, which is your property.

Can Google Detect AI Content?

One of the frequently asked questions in the case of content automation through AI tools is, “Can Google detect AI content.”

It is entirely a wrong question. When you give commands to any AI tool, the first suggestion from the manufacturer is to provide a unique end product, and this software uses particular models that relate to the human brain.

However, you can check the content, change its format, and make it more engaging and relevant to your specific requirements.

The better question is what type of content can Google crackdown on?

The answer is that any low-quality content will quickly come into the hands of google trackers, and it doesn’t matter whether it’s written by a human or through content automation AI tools.

Furthermore, Google will also reward the best-optimized content on the front page.

If an AI tool remains consistent with its formatting and content generation tools, it will be detected as Google content requirements change on and off. So, the agency needs updates to work best within Google boundaries without any penalty.
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Best Content Automation AI Tools


Quill is specifically an impressive AI tool that tells about the hidden potential of data. For example, it makes the understanding of fellow mates digest this content quickly and can understand the main concepts. Then, they will be able to communicate with each other.

It works exactly like a human brain and generates the content like a natural language. It shows every angle of the content so that business minds can fully understand every idea.

It provides information that is truly useful for the user. It gives personalized narratives. Using Quill, you can handle every type of data regarding any size.


Wordsmith helps to convert the given data into exciting narratives. It is a capable AI tool that can create engaging written content with the help of provided data.

It targets those insights associated with the enterprise’s goals and relates to humans and organizational structure. Famous digital companies such as Tableau, Yahoo, PwC, and Microsoft use this software to have billions of content every year.

Words smith provides open API. The paid subscription starts from $250 per month for 1000 articles.

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Articoolo is a famous content automation AI tool. It writes an article about the way as a human brain can works. It is a wonder that only experts can identify the difference between human-written and Articoolo based content.

If you want to write content with the help of this AI tool, you need to give the command line if you’re going to write about a specific story. It firstly understands the total concept of the story and then writes according to it. It is a natural wonder of modern technology.

Article Forge

It uses the insight algorithms and then rewrites or paraphrases the scanned content precisely as human beings do. Article Forge works in the way that Article Forge first understands the command given by the user.

It automatically researches the topic, reads articles, and then rewrites them to provide unique meaningful content. It also has a unique quality; using this software, you can also provide it the command to post the given or any article to WordPress write after content creation.

Article Forge is available with a monthly plan of $57 and a yearly plan of $324 without any risk and five day money-back guarantee.

Word AI

Word AI works precisely like a human brain, and it does not work like perceiving the sentences like a list of words. However, it creates an expressive and impressive writing style based on a list of words.

It can write from every angle and type of content, and it selects such words that attract the human brain and connect with their daily lives. It possesses a high-quality content rewriting ability, making the content easily digestible to humans.

The monthly plan for Word AI is $49.95, and the yearly plan for $347.


It is AI-powered content creation AI tool. It helps the content creators be more specific and accurate while delivering a message to a particular audience.

You can track the performance of your posted content at any time. It gives you suggestions to improve your content style and language that will increase your website traffic and money.


It is like a next-generation content automation AI tool, and it has ignited the concept of content from words or texts format to images. It is available online software with paid subscriptions to access all its tools.

It comes with a variety of templates that are available online like Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, and for posters, presentations that give your content a new face.

You can have your desired design ready in seconds after giving your content and any of its templates. The best thing is that this tool is available for free for every user, and you can get desired results.


It is a prediction-based AI tool that can rewrite your content, but the impressive thing is that it gives you suggestions and extraordinary ideas for future goals.

It is one of the best content automation AI tools for big business companies. The monthly subscription cost is $11 and for website traffic is $67.


It is especially SEO-based software linked with WordPress; it analyzes the given content and provides the data in categories to improve the content style and readability.

It calculates the user requirements and content audience. Then, it designs content that provides a full SEO-optimized range that surely ranks high.


TubeBuddy is a unique and one of the best content automation AI tools. Its main feature is incorporating videos as a main ingredient of content, and it is also available as an extension on Chrome. It works best for YouTubers as they can track their daily work and save time.

It gives suggestions and widely searches YouTube video content topics to YouTubers. It provides them keywords, offers on videos, and everything they need to grow.

It has a different price range for each version Pro, Star, and Legend $9, $19, and $39 per month.

Quuu Promote

It is one of the unique content automation AI tools as it provides the manual review of the content and, with unique content paraphrasing ability, makes your content evergreen.

Suppose you are a regularly paid subscriber for this software. You will get daily blog posts, podcasts, and videos to post on your websites or social media channels. Using QUUU, you can discover a new world of content automation using AI.


This machine learning tool cracks the ideas from the best quality created content and then gives ideas that work efficiently.

It also gives suggestions to create content on a specific topic as it is becoming a hot topic or in demand by the audience. This way, it saves lots of time for the user.


It is like a next-generation AI tool. It provides you everything from searching a hot topic for content, content creation, SEO optimization, content promotion, and marketing performance tracking.

It is one of the more innovative AI tools; It gives many functions under a single window with an easy-to-use layout.


Grammarly is an AI writing assistant. It is like an automatic proofreader as it checks spelling, punctuation, engagement, clarity, grammar, and quick recovery of all errors.

It paraphrases your sentences, changes the writing styles, tone, and language of the content. It makes the finished product more attractive and sophisticated.


It is famous as a leader in SEO and one of the best performers for marketing content. It has quick content creation, search base topic suggestions, SEO optimization, the building of content strategy, and many more.

It uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to check what type of topics the audience is looking for and their requirements, then design the content accordingly and increase the customer traffic and interest.


It is one of the most competitive intelligence software. It saves time spent searching for new ideas and writing styles.

It uses machine learning and artificial intelligence tactics to provide insight that what exactly you competitive bloggers and content writers are doing.

It provides you with the content strategy of a website ranking high by dissecting all their process. It is like gold mining as it gives the backside tricks of famous companies ranking high.


It is one of the famous AI tools from Germany’s top AI research center. It aids in improving the content quality. It analyzes and improves many of your content’s weak points and gives excellent suggestions to improve it. It ultimately leads to the generation of website traffic.

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What are content automation tools?

Content automation is a digital marketing strategy that focuses on removing the need for human intervention in the content lifecycle. It aims to program or automate any process involved with content marketing.

What is AI copywriting?

AI copywriting is computer-generated writing created with natural language processing tools. You decide what you want to write about and the type of content you need, and it could be anything from a blog post to a short ad.

Is Jarvis AI any good?

After using it for email subject lines, product descriptions, and blog introductions, one can safely say it is the most accurate AI copywriting tool to be tested. It does a fantastic job creating short-form content like blog post introductions, social media posts, and video titles.

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