Videoleap vs Lumafusion: Which One to Choose in 2023

Videoleap vs Lumafusion

If you’re in the market for a new video editing app, you may be wondering which one is the best. There are a lot of great options out there, but two that stand out are Videoleap and Lumafusion. Both apps are packed with features and have a clean, user-friendly interface.

So, which one should you choose? Here’s a look at videoleap vs lumafusion, some key differences between the two apps; Videoleap is available for both iOS and Android devices, while Lumafusion is only available for iOS. Videoleap also offers a free trial, so you can try it before you buy it.

Videoleap vs Lumafusion

Videoleap Review

Lightricks LTD’s Videoleap is a video editor program. This is a fun and powerful video editing program that lets you combine clips, add text and apply artistic effects to your videos. On your iPhone or iPad, use the videoleap editor to create spectacular Hollywood videos.

The free edition of Enlight videoleap is available solely on the Apple platform, while the pro version costs up to $139.99 per year. You can pay monthly, annually, or once for a one-time payment, which will appear as a tab on your iTunes account when you confirm your membership. According to the free version, the pro version has more features.


  • During editing, your projects will be immediately stored.
  • Compositions that are cinematic in nature.
  • It has an easy-to-use timeline with zoom for frame-by-frame accuracy.
  • Prism, Defocus, Colorfy, Pixelate, Chromatic Aberration, and more special effects are available.
  • For every occasion, there are unique, changeable film filters.


  • Unlimited access to all features and content requires a subscription.
  • The annual cost of Video Leap Pro can be as high as $139.99.

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How Effective Is Videoleap And How Does It Operate?

Enlight videoleap is a good program, but it’s mainly useful for quick videos and social media. Those who require a good video editor for YouTube videos should choose iMyFone Filme. For both Mac and Windows PCs, the Filme editor is accessible.

Although Videoleap is user-friendly, not all of its capabilities are intuitive. It may take that few tries can figure out how to use it, and the pro version is quite pricey!

Annually, you can save up to $139.99. What is the mechanism behind it? With the pro editing capabilities in videoleap video editor, you may edit a movie or produce a video. To create attractive films, you can add effects, sound effects, filters, green screens, and more.

How Do I Use The Videoleap Editor To Make A Video?

Here’s how to use the enlight videoleap video editor and maker for your iPhone and iPad to edit a video for your social media account.

Step #1: 

On your smartphone, download the videoleap editing app. To get it, go to your Apple Store and download it for free. To begin, open the install app after it has been installed.


Upload videos to the videoleap editor and use the Plus icon to add clips from your gallery to the timeline. After that, scroll through your timeline to see how your clips have turned out. Hold and drag a video clip to the desired location on your timeline to adjust its position.

Step #3: 

Adding files to your video; make sure none of your clips in the timeline are selected while adding effects and sound. Also, position the playhead where you want your audio to begin in your movie, then click the audio button on the toolbar to select an audio file from the list or upload your own.

Trim your audio if necessary, then hold and drag the audio file to the desired location. You can split your audio and clip by highlighting your video in the timeline, then hitting the split symbol on the toolbar to split your video into two or three sections. This method can be used to eliminate any segment of your video. If you want to remove your changes, use the back button on the toolbar.

Step #4: 

Adding text, a filter, a transition, an image, a sticker, and other elements Hit the mix button to add a photo or sticker to your video. Choose your photo, then resize it if necessary. To add text, go to your toolbar and click the text button. The font and correction effects are both successful.

Step #5: 

Download your video: Once you’ve completed editing, go to the top left of your screen and click the export option to download your project. 

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LumaFusion Review

LumaFusion 3.0 is non-linear editing (NLE) app designed to provide iPad and iPhone users access to high-end post-production tools. Apple’s free iMovie tool allows you to edit the raw footage into edited tales with titles and transitions, but it lacks the features that professional video producers want.

Color grading tools like LUTs (Look Up Tables) must be able to be applied to high-quality video like iPhone 12 Pro native 10-bit HDR clips or log color clips created by third-party apps like FiLMiC Pro. To make advanced adjustments, you can utilize the MacOS program Final Cut Pro X.

LumaFusion allows you access to comparable strong tools while on the go, as there is no iOS version of Final Cut Pro X. It costs $29.99/£25.99 on the Apple App Store.

LumaFusion Interface

LumaFusion’s default layout can be customized to focus on key elements like the viewer and timeline. Professional video editors may be put off by the prospect of editing intricate sequences on a mobile device, particularly given the iPhone’s small screen.

LumaFusion has a lot of advanced tools, but they’re concealed until you need them, so you can edit the raw footage into neatly trimmed sequences with titles, transitions, grading, and effects in a stunningly clean interface. LumaFusion makes good use of its available space. 

The bottom row’s function varies depending on your process. It begins by displaying your clip bin, then switches to transition icons once you’ve set out your content in the timeline, keeping the workspace tidy. When you rotate your device from horizontal (landscape) to vertical (portrait), the UI changes (portrait).

The clip viewer is at the top of the screen, the timeline is in the middle, and the source clip bin is at the bottom. The clip viewer is really larger in portrait mode than it is when you hold the device in landscape configuration, so you can see your clips more clearly. 

It’s more comfortable to hold an iPhone vertically, and it’s also surprisingly straightforward to edit. You may also double-tap the viewer to make the clip occupy the entire screen of your device. You can also change the default layout to show only the most important panels, such as the timeline and viewer.

Despite the fact that an iPad has a larger screen to work with, it is unlikely that you will be recording video with it owing to its size. LumaFusion is so beautifully built that you can shoot and edit on an iPhone while on location and make professional-looking shows without having to transfer all of your clips to an iPad or Mac. 

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Key Features

A single tap on a Picture in Picture preset scales and repositions a clip quickly. Multiple PiP layers can be manually adjusted in size and position. LumaFusion allows you to create complicated montage sequences or numerous picture-in-picture effects by stacking six simultaneous layers of video in the timeline.

Only two layers can be combined in iMovie for iOS (when adding a cutaway, green screen, or PIP effect). The one-tap picture-in-picture presets in LumaFusion allow you to easily resize and reposition numerous layers in a specific area of the frame.

You may then manually adjust the size and position of a PIP clip by tapping on it and dragging the corner handles. You can also have 6 layers of audio playing at the same time.

The new graphic equalizer allows you to manage a wide range of frequencies with precision. As a result, you may now target and limit the frequency of annoying background noise (for example, the drone of a passing jet).

Similar to Final Cut Pro’s graphic equalizing tools, you can alter certain frequencies by sliding sliders or pushing control points down. LumaFusion can also be enhanced using plug-ins such as third-party audio units. You may, for example, use supplementary capabilities from audio unit apps like Zero Reverb, which provides you with a slew of additional sound-altering tools from inside LumaFusion.

The Transitions browser provides a range of drag-and-drop Wipes, Slides Mixes, and Pushes to help your show flow. The most recent LumaFusion version has an image stabilizer to help with handheld camera wobbles. If you shoot on an iPhone 12 Pro, this feature isn’t necessary because the optical and software stabilization generate gimbal-like smooth clips (even when cycling on a dirt track while holding the iPhone in one hand!)

However, if you need to steady hand-held film captured on older iPhone models, this program is really useful. You run the danger of cropping out key items at the edges while stabilizing handheld footage. Around the margins, stabilized footage can appear a touch ‘rubbery’ and flexible.

You may vary the strength of the horizontal and vertical motions in the advanced stabilization controls to strike a balance between recovering missing edge details and image stability. These fine-tuning sliders provide the same level of flexibility as Final Cut Pro X’s stabilisation-altering tools.

LumaFusion: Verdict

LumaFusion allows you to create complicated and sophisticated multi-track video edits entirely on your iPhone or iPad, removing the need for a desktop-based editing tool like Final Cut Pro X. You can swiftly hone raw video into slickly edited sequences and embellish them with all the post-production bells and whistles you’d expect from pro desktop NLE programs thanks to a well-designed and intuitively useful interface. As you gain experience with the software, you can expand its feature set to include green screen keyers and creative effects. A valuable asset for on-the-go filmmakers (or on the sofa).

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