Top 18 Best AI Video Generators You Must Know in 2022

Top 18 Best AI Video Generators

Artificial intelligence is a revolutionary field of modern technology, and the coming era owes to AI. If you are a video editor, a content creator, or a producer, You must know the best AI video generators in 2022.

Video is a way of delivering the message in a short time but comprehensively for a long time. The world has shifted towards videos as the best source of conveying a message.

Video editing and creation consume too much human energy and are laborious too. Therefore the best alternative is artificial intelligence that provides excellent automation videos with perfection.

AI video generation is the next level of videography where you can get videos of your choice, either promotional ads, main channel videos, business-related videos, or general work.

Many AI, the video generator software, are available, making it challenging to select which one to go. But, you must always go for your convenience as cost-effective, multiple features and either you a newbie or an expert.

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This article is all about the best AI video generators of 2022.


It is the world’s first AI video editing service. It is exciting to know that it creates videos and edits per your demand. It provides services of:

  • Video creation
  • Video editing
  • Adding texts
  • Effects
  • Transitions
  • Images

It saves your time and the excellent videos you can share on social media or through email and may upload on your websites.

It is the best choice for you if you have no money but want to create and edit videos exactly like paid AI video editing software.

It is free, efficient, and swift. Your job is to upload your video, and it will provide you with a completely next-level edited video.

The best option for the best business empires and enterprises is to save money when they have an outclass-free available AI video creation and editing software. Try it now.

Pictory AI

Pictory is famous for AI media with the best text video converter. You can get short videos, long texts to summarize short videos, and subtitles.

It offers a variety of online tools such as:

  • Visuals to video
  • Article to video
  • Scripts to video

You can create videos for any purpose, depending on your field of interest. It may be about branding, training, sales enablement, education, and marketing.

  • Pictory AI Pricing
  • Pictory provides four pricing plans:
  • Free Trial – $0/month
  • Standard – $19/month
  • Premium – $39/month


It is one of the modern concepts of technology; it works on the principle of introducing video marketing into the future by creating video ads. Through online service, it wants to stand along with the top brands among AI’s leading content creators.

It helps to create:

  • Content
  • Automatic uploads
  • Taglines
  • Business information
  • Video animation
  • Templates
  • Manage colors & fonts

It supports almost all international languages. You can add a voiceover or any language of your choice.

It brings up thousands of stock videos and images, and this library is available with unlimited stock. OFFER is one of the good-to-go platforms if you want a professional video with many varieties and options.

OFFER Pricing

OFFER has one pricing plan:

  • The premium plan costs – $19/per month

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In video

It is an AI-based video generator you can quickly get online. It helps to create professional videos depending on important texts or scripts.

Using In the video, you can create:

  • Memes
  • Video ads
  • slide
  • Video testimonials
  • Promo videos
  • Branding templates
  • Video presentations
  • Youtube Videos

All of the features of this platform remain updated from time to time. It also provides access to a ton of different video editing features, such as

  • Transitions
  • Filters
  • Stock media
  • Library
  • Music
  • And so much more.

The best thing about this AI video generator service is the availability of tutorials and guide videos. With this, you can learn and get a compelling video depending on your demands.


  • InVideo offers the following three pricing plans:
  • It’s available for free with limited features
  • Business plan – $30/month
  • Unlimited plan – $60/month

Wave Video

Wave Video brings up the facility to create videos with AI which can best suit your social media platforms or for professionals working with emails, blogs, and websites.

It provides almost similar quality video generation to Vidnami, the famous video generator which is not available online now. Even just giving some words, it will find matching clips and images for you.

You can sync everything and then export it in HD; got a lot more templates than others. The templates are available with motion graphics which provide ease in editing.

Wave Video Pricing

Wave Video provides three general pricing options:

  • Free
  • Creator – $24/month
  • Business – $48/month

Designs AI

This platform is the choice of professionals. It provides the best video generation for long projects in the ludes video creating, logo making, design creation, mockup maker, and speech creator.

Designs AI has other l AI tools, including:

  • Logo maker
  • Mockup maker
  • Speech maker
  • Design maker
  • Color matcher
  • Calendar option
  • Graphics maker

It possesses a neat layout with easy-to-understand user-friendly tools and is available with tutorials. It is also the best option for newbies in video animation or editing, as it provides easy and professional videos.

Designs AI Pricing

Designs AI has three pricing plans:

  • Basic plan – $29/month
  • Pro plan – $69/month
  • Enterprise plan – customized

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Synthesia is an excellent AI tool, and it permits you to have videos of your own choice just with a command of text in more than 50m languages. You can quickly get ready-made avatars that act as explainers of your videos.

The unique feature of this AI tool is avatars which are available more than 40 in number, and you can also get facial expressions and gestures.

Synthesia Pricing

Synthesia has two pricing plans:

  • Personal – $30/month
  • Corporate – custom pricing
  1. Adobe Premiere Pro

It is a famous AI video editing tool for professionals. It provides:

  • 4K footage
  • 360° angle rotation
  • Sound audio
  • Effects
  • Transitions
  • Variety of formats

You just need to give a command, and it extracts outstanding video for you. You can use it on Linux, macOS, and Windows 7+.


It costs $52.99/month.


Flexclip is like other content creators AI tools with text to video creation policy. It has almost the same features as others. It provides:

  • Tutorials
  • Variable style videos
  • Business promos
  • Trailer videos
  • New Videos

Pricing of FlexClip

  • The free plan is $0/month
  • The basic plan charges $9.99/month
  • The Plus plan takes $19.99/month
  • The business plan is supreme with $29/month

Recreate AI

Recreate AI is one of the famous AI video editor and generator tools. It works on the simple rule of text to a video generator. You get a video of your demands by providing a link or text about your topic of interest.

Through AI, it will automatically generate high graphics videos. You can also have relative music and visual effects of your choice. You have access to:

  • Templates
  • Audi sounds
  • Emotional tunes
  • Adjustment of video speed
  • Addition of subtitles
  • Editing

Pricing for Recreate AI

It offers three general pricing plans:

  • Free with no cost
  • Individuals with $20/month
  • Business costs $60


Lumen5 is a very famous AI-based software. It is well-known for the beautiful unlimited templates and multiple features that provide a high profile AI video creation by just ordering with text, links, or import blog posts.

You will get a video of your choice in just a few minutes, and the beginners can enjoy with limited features but a free version of Lumen5.

Pricing of Lumen5

It provides excellent four pricing plans:

  • Free version
  • 15$ per month for creators
  • 79$ for the Premium version
  • 199$ for Business works


It is famous for generating AI videos from social media, sports events, and news sources by using the ability of text-to-video conversion.

It is an essential and suitable option for enterprises and people in business who remain in need of an adorable video for their brand marketing. It has:

  • Zoom in feature
  • Video layouts
  • Transitions
  • Effects
  • Article to video
  • Montage maker
  • Voiceovers
  • Video music


It is not available as free software. It is famous for generating AI videos from social media, sports events, and news sources by using the ability of text-to-video conversion.

It is an essential and suitable option for enterprises and business people who remain in need of attractive videos for their brand marketing. It has:

  • Zoom in feature
  • Video layouts
  • Transitions
  • Effects
  • Article to video
  • Montage maker
  • Voiceovers
  • Video music


It is not available as free software.

  • Pro version – $300/month
  • For business – $550/month
  • Enterprise version – Custom Pricing


It is a well-known platform for short to long video generation that you can also share on your social media or youtube channels. It is mainly in the use of:

  • Individual Professionals
  • Agencies
  • Brands

It is available with multiple options and has many customer-friendly features. The free version is available for everyone just to have a trail or train themselves but with a watermark. You can use it with a little or almost negligible training and customize it:

  • Texts
  • Colors
  • Fonts
  • Music
  • Voiceover
  • Add subtitles
  • Powerful effects

Need AI Pricing

  • Free
  • Basic costs are $12/per month
  • The Pro version charges $24/per month


Kapwing is another superior choice due to its variety of features and cheap subscriptions. It is a unique mixture of multiple tools you can quickly get online or download on your computer.

Kapwing AI Pricing

  • Free
  • Pro charges $17/month
  • For Teams also available at $17/month


One of the unique AI software that is available on mobile also, and you can use it to create:

  • Attractive Videos
  • Vlogs
  • Excellent styles
  • Multiple templates
  • High graphics videos
  • Teleprompter feature

It is for those or predominantly for the newbies who found it difficult to design their script into videos. You just have to enter your script and get your video or build it into the app in this tool.

You can make an account accessible on this software, but it is not available as a free tool, and you have to buy a subscription.


  • The economic plan charges $14.99/month
  • Plus version costs $39/per month
  • The Group version is available at $149/month


It is love for those who have the habit of continuously uploading unique pictures into their social media accounts. It is an AI-based tool that allows you to create videos and photographs with simple texts. You can also create:

  • Emojis
  • Digital drawings
  • Cartoons

It is also available as both computer and mobile version software. You can easily download it through the Google play store and Apple store. The major features include:


  • Fonts
  • Frames
  • Filters
  • Excellent backgrounds
  • Special effects
  • Clip art
  • Impressive texts

PicsArt Pricing Rates:

It has multiple pricing plans:

  • Free plan
  • Gold version – $13.58/month
  • Team version – $16.3/month


Magisto is an impressive attraction for business people and marketers, and it is for both newbies and experienced professionals with an easy-to-use service. It just takes some minutes to create videos of your choice.

It possesses an enriched library of unlimited templates that make your video memorable. The major features include:

  • Titles
  • Effects
  • Transitions
  • Video editing
  • Attractive layout
  • High graphics videos

Magisto Pricing Rates

Magisto is not available as free software and has main three pricing plans:

  • Premium one – $9.99/monthly
  • The professional version charges $19.99/monthly
  • The business version costs $69.99/monthly

Vedia AI

The popular AI tools are famous in the niche of business development. It provides and improves:

  • Attractive videos
  • Uploading of data
  • Scaling of videos
  • Customer service
  • Brand popularity and awareness
  • Nurture leads
  • Content marketing
  • Sales
  • Promotional ads

Publish videos on social media for content marketing, promotional ad campaigns, sales outreach, etc.

Vedia AI Pricing

There are no pricing plans for Vedia AI till now, but the official website is bringing it soon.

RAV.AI: AI-based video editing Service:

With RAV.AI, it has been easier with great fun to make videos of your choice. AI-based RAV service will transform your ordinary videos into complete advanced and fascinating ones without any hassle- just think how easy this will make your projects and videos for different social media platforms.

With just one click, you can change ordinary photographs and videos into extraordinary fragmentations that will be real and captivating.


What is an AI video generator?

An artificial intelligence video generator uses modern machine learning tools and models. It uses the approach of automation learning with objects and patterns to create complex and attractive videos.

How does rephrase AI work?

In AI. rephrase, it means changing a script into a video. You just need to type some sort of text, or you can add links, and through AI technology, the given software will provide you with a video of your choice in seconds to minutes.

How would you describe artificial intelligence?

Artificial intelligence is the future of technology that can work as a robot or just like an automatic computer where humans just perform tasks or give commands and get the whole work done professionally. the World’s first AI
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