[SOLVED] – Why Is My Video Not Uploading to YouTube?

Why Is My Video Not Uploading to YouTube

YouTube is definitely the second home of many social media users. They can find high-quality videos related to their interest. Similarly, you can also upload various types of videos on YouTube. However, the experience doesn’t always remain the same.

For instance, various errors make it tough to upload a video on YouTube. That is way, many users keep on searching for “Why Is My Video Not Uploading to YouTube? “Well, there could be a lot of reasons here.

This brief guide will help you upload YouTube videos without any hassle. So, let us get into it!

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“Video not Uploading to YouTube” – Why It Happens with Me?

Before diving into the real-world solutions, we thought we should guide you all with some possible causes behind such errors. Note that, in your case, the scenario could be different. Anyhow, let us take a look at some of these reasons.

1: Server Issues on YouTube

First and foremost, the YouTube service may be behind this issue. This mostly happens because YouTube servers have to process hundreds of videos each minute. So, at times, they become slow or may not respond.

Here, the good thing is that it only happens once in a while. Also, only some specific regions get affected by bad servers.

So, these backend hiccups aren’t permanent. However, in your case, they could be the culprit. That’s why we recommend you should wait for a while when this issue arises. Then, try uploading the video after some time.

2: Unstable Network Connection

An unstable, poor, or weak internet connection is the second most common reason here. Now, an internet connection is what helps you get online with different social media platforms. But, if it’s unstable or doesn’t provide the right speeds, you cannot browse the web smoothly.

So, you have to ensure that your internet is all up and running. Also, it should offer reliable speeds. If you are unsure what speed your internet offers, it’s better to run a speed test and check your browser’s speed.

This will surely allow you to upload the YouTube video without any technical errors popping in. Further, there are many apps available that allow you to test the internet speed. So, checking your internet speed is no more a hassle.

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3: Browser Cookies and Cache

These browser cookies and the cache (temporarily stored files on your browser) are meant to enhance your online browsing experience. However, at times, these cookies turn out to be the primary reason for poor web browsing experience.

That’s because your web browser can only store a limited number of cookies. Once it’s filled, it may start causing some problems.

So, if your YouTube video is stuck or not loading, it’s a good idea to clear up the web browser’s cache. Now, each browser lets you delete the cache from different settings options. For example, you can find the “delete cookies’ button in the main settings of your web browser.

Also, if you are short on time, we recommend using another browser. For example, you can use Firefox or Opera Mini instead of Chrome.

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Video not Uploading to YouTube – 5 Best Solutions

Once you know the reason behind this error, it becomes easier for you to get rid of it. So, here are some easy ways to upload YouTube videos without any hassle. Let us explore them!

1: Restart Your Pc, Laptop or Smartphone 

Now, the first solution here is to restart your device. It can be your Pc, laptop, or even smartphone. Restarting or rebooting any device is like refreshing a browser’s window. So, once you restart your device, every application reloads itself. That is why restarting your laptop or smartphone could also help you get rid of this error.

In case you can’t upload a video to Youtube from the phone, the same method should be followed. Your smartphone is also a modern computing device. So, the refreshing start will make things easier for it to loud (reducing the chances of such errors).

2: Update your Application (For smartphones)

These days, most of the users use smartphone apps to access various social media sites. So, if you can’t upload the video to Youtube from your phone, there might be an issue with the YouTube app. As we highlighted earlier, Google keeps on sending various updates for all its applications.

So, even if your phone’s app is one update short, it might create problems for you, like “can’t upload video to Youtube too long. ” That is why, always keep your YouTube app up-to-date. You can do this by enabling automatic app updates in your App Store (Play Store for Android Folks).

3: Is the Video Size Ideal?

Well, we say ideal here because you cannot exceed some limits defined by YouTube (Or Google, to be exact). For example, now, regular users can only upload a Youtube video of around 2 GB. Similarly, you are restricted to uploading videos with max 15 minutes duration. Therefore, it is mandatory for (regular YouTube users) to keep an eye on these checks.

However, if you are a verified member (The one with Blue Tick), these rules won’t imply to your videos. In that case, the reason behind “YouTube not uploading full video” could be different.

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4: Have You Given All the Right Permissions?

You won’t believe but this has happened with many users in the past. Basically, the YT Studio app for smartphone users requires you to grant permission to access your phone’s gallery. Now, this permission access would allow Youtube to help you choose which video you want to upload.

Now that may sound quite obvious, but it is always a good idea to ensure that you are following the basics. So, do allow YT Studio to access your smartphone’s app gallery.

5: Is Your Youtube Channel Free from Any Strikes?

Again, an obvious but essential thing to ensure before searching for why the YouTube upload is stuck at 0. Youtube doesn’t want channels (that have received multiple strikes) to upload any more videos. YouTube does this to encourage content creators to create and upload quality content.

And that’s something that makes a lot of sense. Now, we aren’t stating that your channel could be on the verge of getting banned, but as always, to stay on the safe side, ensure that you haven’t received any strike from YouTube.

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Final Thoughts!

So, finally, you know the possible reason behind some common YouTube errors. The most common error these days is “video not uploading to YouTube.” Well, as we highlighted, there could be countless reasons behind such inconveniences. But if we observe closely, most of the time, it is not a big reason.

For example, your internet connection has to be snappy and reliable. Now that’s not a big ask. Almost every social sharing platform demands. Second, it’s the web browser’s cache and cookies. It is better to keep it all nice and clean (for the most part).

Similarly, an older app version (or even a mobile’s OS version) could be the culprit. Anyhow, we recommend getting the basics done right. Start by creating high-quality content for your audience. This way, you won’t ever receive any strike. Next, we recommend checking out this Ai-Powered video editing solution known as Rav.ai. It is helping many content creators speed up their post-production process. You can be the next one. Try it out today!

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