Please Check your Connection and Try Again: Fix C14 Snapchat Error

How to Fix C14b Snapchat Error

After Instagram, it’s Snapchat that is widely used by generation Z. They like to spend maximum time on Snapchat. This also helps them share their expressions and thoughts! However, these social media platforms may show some errors, especially when you try to upload an image or a video.

If you are a snapshot user, you may encounter the common. “c14b Snapchat error”. Now, like other technical glitches, there are various reasons why this error could interrupt your social media experience. This brief guide will help you get rid of this technical error. So, let us get into it!

Since August 2022, many users reported that they were facing errors, including “please check your connection and try again.” Though, your internet connection could be the main culprit here. But there can be other reasons as well.

{SOLVED} Sorry Something Went Wrong Please Try Again

“C14b Snapchat Error” – Why It Occurs?

That’s why we have created this troubleshooting guide for you. Let us explore some reasons behind this error:

1: Unstable Internet Connection 

As mentioned, often, it’s the internet connection that causes such connectivity errors. This especially happens when you are trying to upload any media file. Anyhow, the best solution to this problem is to use a dedicated internet connection.

Now, that may sound a bit weird, but if you want to upload images, videos, and other forms of posts on Snapchat without any hassle, a dedicated network connection (It could be even your phone’s data connection) is the best solution. In case you are using a Wi-Fi connection, try restarting the Wi-Fi device (Wi-Fi router, to be exact).

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2: App Glitches 

Sometimes, the Snapchat app itself could be the reason behind this inconvenience. Users often try to use the app (while it is being updated in the background). Therefore, during this process, you may not be able to use the full potential of the Snapchat app.

Furthermore, you may find it tough to log in. So, don’t use the Snapchat app when your app is being updated. Wait for a while. Once it’s all updated, you can start using it again.

3: New Features Addition

Over the past few years, Snapchat has drastically improved. Through several updates, the app is now much more enhanced and offers a lot of cool features.

Unfortunately, experts think these newly added features can also sometimes cause such errors. Some users even reported that they were unable to log in to Snapchat (for a while).

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4: Servers Down

Once again, the Snapchat App’s servers could cause some inconvenience. Due to regular maintenance and sometimes technical glitches, the servers may not respond as they should. That’s why users may encounter similar problems.

5: Old Version of App

You must update immediately if you are using the older version of Snapchat (both for android and iOS). That’s because these medial social platforms want their users to use the updated version. So, it’s better to use the latest app’s version to avoid such inconveniences.

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How To Fix C14 Snapchat Error?

Now, let us dive into the actual solution. Luckily, we have got a few of them. Let us take a look at them:

Method 1: Try Using the Latest Version 

The updated version of Snapchat (and even any other social media platform) lets you get the most out of it. But, at the same time, the older versions may have bugs (like the C14b error). Further, according to some reports, the older version of Snapchat also shut down suddenly. So, there are a ton of glitches in the older versions.

So, if there is an update available, download it ASAP. Then, launch the app again and start using it the way you want. This time such errors shouldn’t occur.

Method 2: Disable and Enable Airplane Mode

Sometimes, the communication modules of your phone can also cause such errors to pop in again and again. However, there is an easy fix to this solution. You just have to enable airplane mode (for a while only).

Then, disable it. Once the cellular connection reestablishes, the commutation modules will also get reset. Now, try launching the app again and using it. The issue should get resolved.

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Method 3: Restart Your Phone

For common phone technical glitches, rebooting it once could be the best solution. Similarly, when Snapchat (or any such app) stops functioning, rebooting your phone for once may help. Some android phones may get stuck because of the C14b error. In that case, you have to enforce the restart.

Once the phone has been rebooted, you have to launch the Snapchat app again. See whether the error has been resolved.

Method 4: Ensure That Your Phone Has the Latest OS

It’s also essential to ensure that your smartphone’s operating system is all updated. An updated OS lets you get the best out of all social media applications, including Snapchat. Basically, here compatibility issues could ruin your online experience. That’s because the latest version of Snapchat (in some cases) also demands your smartphone’s OS to be updated.

So, we will suggest that you should update the operating system of your smartphone. You can check for an update in the settings sections of your phone. In most cases, you will automatically get the update (once it is available). But, in case you miss that notification, simply check for an update through your phone’s settings.

Method 5: Set the Correct Time Zone

The connection error may also occur because of an incorrect date/time setting and time zone. An incorrect time zone doesn’t allow Snapchat to process the data. So, you may encounter some connectivity issues here.

The solution here is simple. You just have to ensure that your phone’s date and time are correct. Further, check whether your time zone is correct.

Method 6: Enable Background App Refresh 

The background app refresh lets apps like Snapchat constantly fetch data. It also doesn’t cause any server connectivity issues. However, for better battery life, some users disable this option.

If you want to enjoy using social media apps without any issues, ensure that your phone has an enabled background app refresh option.

Method 7: Reinstall the App 

If all of the above-mentioned apps aren’t working on your phone, the best solution could be to uninstall them. This will clear all the cache and temporarily store data. Then, install the Snapchat app again. Finally, log in to your account, and the issues will be resolved.

Final Thoughts!

That’s how you can fix this error. Snapchat and other popular social media platforms may show connectivity errors. Usually, it’s the poor connectivity, older OS, and app version that causes this issue.

On the plus side, the solutions to this problem are quite simple. For example, you don’t have to do anything fancy. Just ensure that you are using the latest version of Snapchat, your phone is updated, and your internet connection is stable. These are some of the basics that you should always cover.

Furthermore, your phone’s time zone and even operating system could cause such errors to occur more often. But there is nothing to worry about. The solutions we have mentioned are pretty easy to follow. So, we hope that the C14b error won’t cause you any inconvenience now.

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