Why Is TikTok Not Showing My Videos to My Followers

Why Is TikTok Not Showing My Videos to My Followers

So you are wondering, why is TikTok not showing my videos to my followers?

If we were you, we’d also be worried. There’s nothing more frightening for a content creator than not getting views after posting content. And if you are distressed about why your TikTok videos are not showing up for others, we’ve got your back.

But first, you must know that this happens to TikTokers all the time. So don’t fret too much and focus on solving the issue. Read our detailed guide and follow the steps to get your views back.

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Reasons Why Is TikTok Not Showing My Videos to My Followers

There can be one or more reasons why TikTok is not showing your videos to app users. Some of these are pretty common that often happen to first-time users. While others require some effort on your part and can be resolved within minutes.

Your Account Is Private

Before you start wondering why my TikTok video is not showing up for others, check your account settings. Many app users prefer to create a private TikTok account when they sign up for the app. While this is an incredible privacy feature, it may also prevent TikTok from showing your videos to other people.


If your videos aren’t showing to followers, try making your TikTok account public. For this, click on the top right of your Profile to open Settings. After that, select “privacy settings” and choose the option to make your TikTok account public.

This will ensure that all your TikTok videos are open to viewers and followers.

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Video Is ‘Under Review’

Review policy could be another reason why TikTok is not showing videos to your followers. This can be frustrating, especially if you’ve promised your followers to release the video at a specific time. But the app tends to review the content if the account holder has a huge following.

The same can be said if all or most of your TikTok videos are not showing to your followers. This may happen in cases any of your videos are violating a community guideline. Sometimes TikTok also puts your videos under review when they are being reported by a user. In such a case, TikTok does not send any notification, instead, the app will say that video(s) are ‘under review’. 


If your video is under review, all you can do is show patience. TikTok will start showing to your followers soon if it isn’t against community guidelines. However, if it’s been hours and your videos are still under review, contact customer support.

We recommend you explain the whole situation to TikTok’s customer support. Also, read their community guidelines once again to make a strong case for yourself.

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TikTok Servers’ Issue

Sometimes TikTok’s servers are down which may cause you to wonder why TikTok is not showing my videos to my followers. In such a scenario, the app may show glitches and won’t function smoothly. However, this is not common and happens rarely.


You’ll have to wait till TikTok’s servers start working again. You can check TikTok’s server status if you are doubtful whether this is the reason your videos are not showing to followers. You can use a free platform or app like “down detector” to verify server status.

Update Your App

Sometimes you may not be able to know whether TikTok is showing your videos to your followers are not. This happens when your app is outdated and you haven’t downloaded the latest updates. This may also cause trouble when you are uploading a new video.


You need to check for the updates and download the latest version if there is one. Simply tap “Update” after visiting the Play Store (for Android smartphones) or the App Store (for iPhones). Another solution to this issue is clearing your app cache.

Your Account Is Flagged or Suspended

TikTok may not show your videos to your followers if your account has been flagged or suspended. This happens when the platform receives complaints or negative reports about your TikTok account. If this is the case, you’ll see a red flag on your account.


If you are seeing the red flag, you may have violated TikTok’s community guidelines. However, you can contest this decision and make a case for yourself by contacting their support team. If you haven’t done anything wrong, TikTok will remove the flag and your followers will start viewing your content.

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Poor Internet Connection

You may also not be able to see the update because of unstable internet access. This is not common but often happens when you are traveling or in an area with low coverage. Poor internet connectivity can also be the reason behind camera roll videos not showing on TikTok.

Why My Tiktok Videos Are Not Getting Views?

There are a number of reasons why your videos are not getting any views. This is directly associated with the engagement levels and the type of content you are producing. But there are some issues that you can resolve to start getting views. We’ve discussed them below for your ease!

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New Account 

TikTok takes time to index videos that are made from new accounts. Also, you may not get views since you don’t have any followers.

We recommend you do not start posting immediately on TikTok. Instead, view other creators’ content, get ideas, and engage them by posting comments. Also, add a unique yet compelling bio and engaging profile picture to your TikTok account. After that, plan your content and share your video as much as you can after posting for the first time.

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Lack of Hashtags

One of the major reasons why your videos are not getting views is due to hashtags. Don’t forget to add 4-5 top trending hashtags in your videos. This is a unique way to get more views as it’ll help you read a much wider audience.

We recommend you use your niche hashtags and then combine them with one or two trending hashtags. But don’t overuse them as too many hashtags will only cause confusion. TikTok’s algorithm may find it difficult to find the right audience for your video.

Creating Multi-Niche Content

The best way to start as a newbie on TikTok is to remain within your ideal niche. This will help you build an audience and you’ll quickly get followers that love your content. TikTok’s algorithm will also start pushing your videos and show them to people who like similar content. 

Not Utilizing Tending Audios

It’s similar to using top hashtags that are in trend. People love watching videos on an ongoing trend be it a dialogue or a song. So we urge you to explore TikTok and see what audios are trending on the platform before you start working on your new video.

You can create content in your own unique way while using that trending audio. But don’t forget to use the relevant hashtags to engage your audience.

Inappropriate Content

A major reason why most people on TikTok don’t get views is due to inappropriate content. If you aren’t following the community guidelines, TikTok will never push your videos. So if you are trying hard to get views, avoid making videos about hate speech, nudity, drugs, and violence.

Check Engagement and Completion Rate

In case you aren’t aware, engagement is how many TikTok users have viewed your videos. Whereas the completion rate tells how many people have watched your videos from start to finish. TikTok uses these factors to analyze your content and account activity.

If your videos are getting high engagement and have a great completion rate, TikTok will show them to more people. In case it’s getting low engagement, the platform will start hiding it. 

So you should try producing videos that are not only engaging but exciting for users. We recommend you create content after considering your audience’s interest. You should make videos that can intrigue them, educate them, or make them follow your account.

TikTok Videos Not Showing on FYP

The “For You” page or FYP is the first page that TikTok shows you when you open the app. It contains videos that are according to your interests based on your previous activities. That’s why content creators try hard to ensure their videos are shown on FYP.

The biggest reason why TikTok videos are not showing on FYP is low engagement. If your videos are getting fewer views, TikTok will not show your content on TFP. So the trick here is to make something creative that can go viral and has the ability to catch viewers’ attention.

Also, if your TikTok videos are not showing on FYP, check the account settings. TikTok only shows videos on the “For You” page if your account is public.

Shadow Ban: TikTok Video Not Showing in Hashtags

If you found a TikTok video not showing in hashtags, chances are you are a victim of a shadow ban. This happens when a user creates and shares content that violates TikTok’s community guidelines. The platform may not inform you and shadow-ban your account if you are uploading such content again and again.

So if you are worrying about why TikTok is not showing my videos to my followers, you may have got a shadow ban. You should search hashtags that you’ve used in your video to verify this. If your videos are not appearing against those hashtags, you have been shadow-banned by TikTok.

There are several factors that may lead to a shadow ban including:

  • Copyright issues
  • Promoting drugs
  • Showing nudity
  • Posting Violence
  • Promoting hate speech
  • Posting spam content 

So try to abide by the community guidelines to avoid the shadow ban. If you have such videos, we recommend you delete them immediately.

Conclusion: Why Is My TikTok Video Not Showing Up for Others

The answer to why my TikTok video is not showing up for others is hidden in your account settings. If your account is private, TikTok videos will not show up for others. Also, the platform may not be showing your videos either because you are a new user or your content is under review. A slow internet speed, an issue in TikTok’s servers, or a violation of community guidelines are some other prominent reasons.

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