How to Make Money with YouTube Kids Videos

How to Make Money with YouTube Kids Videos

Kids love watching cartoons and TV shows, there’s no denying it. Today’s young audience is more likely to consume digital content than play outside. And their viewing habits have also changed with the emergence of new technology. These days if you ask children about their favorite channels, they’ll instantly name their favorite kids YouTube channel.

In fact, the most viewed video on YouTube, Baby Shark Dance is a video made for kids. It has more than “12 billion views” as of now and that is way too many. The best part is that you can easily make money with a kids YouTube channel. However, to do so you must learn how YouTube works.

You should know to create videos, get viewership, and make money. And if you aren’t aware of all these, you are on the right track. We have compiled comprehensive guidelines for you that you can follow to start your own Kids YouTube channel.

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What Is YouTube Kids?

YouTube Kids is different from the main YouTube platform based on its content. It is designed for children under 13 years of age. Videos available on YouTube Kids are family-friendly and the company provides a more contained environment. This allows kids to explore YouTube and makes it easier for parents to ensure their safety.

Parents can review and decide what content is suitable for their children on YouTube Kids. YouTube Kids allows parents to limit screen time by setting a timer. They can not only block videos or channels but can also consent to content that is rated for a certain age. Above all, parents can choose settings between 3 age-based groups: 

  • Preschool (for ages 4 & under) 
  • Younger (for ages 5—8) 
  • Older (for ages 9—12)

YouTube also allows children to create kids’ YouTube channels of their own. However, there are certain restrictions on starting a channel on YouTube kids.

How to Start a Kids YouTube Channel

To learn how to start a kids YouTube channel, you must put thought into it. Make sure your child or you has an idea and your kid is really enthusiastic about it. There are two other factors that you should consider beforehand.

Pay Attention to Age Restriction

YouTube does not allow children under 13 years of age to create accounts on their platform. Only kids between ages 13 and 17 can create accounts and that too after acquiring parental permission. But this does not mean that people above the age of 17 or parents cannot create accounts for YouTube Kids.

So if your child is under 13 years, you can create an account on their behalf. You’ll have to use your own Gmail to create a YouTube account.

Follow the Rules and Guidelines

Google has a strict child safety policy that ensures the emotional and physical well-being of minors on YouTube. The company’s content policy for YouTube Kids is even stricter. So give it a read before you google how to start a kids YouTube channel.

Create Kids’ YouTube Channel – Easy Steps

Once you have thought it through, it’s time to create a kids’ YouTube Channel. Children who are 13 or above can make their Google accounts to create their own kids YouTube channels. If they are under 13, use your Gmail account to help them make a channel.

  • Sign in to YouTube (using a Gmail account)
  • Click on the profile image on the app or website
  • Select Create a Channel
  • Give the channel a name and picture

We recommend you don’t use your kid’s real name for channel creation. Instead make something up, to ensure their safety and keep their identity safe.

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How to Select Kids YouTube Channel Name

Selecting a channel name can be hectic as you have to be creative. You surely want your kids YouTube channel name to be unique, right?

YouTube allows multiple users to have the same account names but with different URLs. But you should avoid generic names and find a unique one. A cool yet distinctive channel name will help you stand out and you can also build a brand around it.

A good YouTube Kids channel name is one that:

  • Follows community guidelines
  • Is memorable and easy to remember
  • Has short syllable (max. 5 syllable)
  • Has 30 to 40 characters
  • Don’t have any numbers on it

A good YouTube channel name should also be related to the topic of your videos. This will enable the viewers to know what type of content you produce. It’s a good way to engage the right audience and market your videos through your unique channel name.

Most Popular Kids YouTube Channel Ideas

So you have created a YouTube channel for kids and now wondering what you should post. The right thing to do is set a central theme for your channel. It should revolve around the interests of your own kid or according to your audience.

If you are looking for ideas, you can make videos about:

  • Unboxing of toys or other stuff
  • Review the toys or other products
  • Kids reacting to different things
  • Kid-friendly challenges
  • Arts, crafts, or drawing
  • Videos games
  • Simple pranks for kids
  • Education with entertainment
  • Lifestyle (focused on daily family activities) 

These are some popular YouTube channel ideas for kids that you can follow. However, your Kids channel can be about anything as far as it’s entertaining. Your goal should be to produce useful content that can fuel the creative juices of youngsters.

How to Make Children’s YouTube Videos

Making children’s YouTube videos is the same as creating videos for any other digital medium or platform. Below are the key steps that you must consider during this process.

Plan Your Videos

Planning is key to success if you want to become a popular YouTuber or influencer. If you have already selected the niche and chosen the channel name accordingly, video planning will be easy. All you have to do is make a list of the first 10 or 20 videos.

In case you are still undecided, you must explore YouTube Kids. See what types of videos are popular and going viral. Follow the trend and create similar videos if you can produce them.

Provide Quality Content 

The next and most important part of video production is the quality of the content. So make sure the topic revolves around a topic that’s interesting. Provide insightful information that is useful and can entice your audience.

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Focus on the Audience

Going viral on YouTube is all about engaging your audience. So it’s better to define your audience before you start making YouTube kids videos. Select an age group, and create videos keeping in mind their interest, activities, and needs.

Choose the Right Equipment

It’s alright if you don’t have excellent quality equipment at the start. You can utilize your smartphone to create videos instead of a professional camera. However, don’t buy low-quality, cheap stuff that cannot add quality to your videos. Always invest in equipment and tools that can make your videos look vibrant and improve audio quality.

Use Professional Video Editing Software

Video editing is one thing that can make or break your YouTube videos. You must pick a professional editing tool that can help you connect the story. There are a number of free video tools available that you can use online and offline. In case you aren’t a tech-savvy person, try Rav. is the world’s first AI video editing service that can make things easy for you. It’s specifically designed for social media, especially YouTube. You can simply upload videos and get an edited version that’ll look like the work of a professional.

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Be Careful with Privacy Settings

YouTube allows you to make and upload videos on the platform as:

  • Private,
  • Public, or
  • Unlisted

Private videos are hidden and can only be seen when you send an invite. This is a good option for families or kids who are just starting on YouTube. You can upload videos and send invites to close friends or relatives to get their feedback.

Public videos are open for views and anybody on YouTube can watch them. If you are trying to make your Kids YouTube channel go viral, choose this setting. Lastly, there are unlisted videos that are viewable but don’t appear in searches. This is good for kids or their parents who are creating videos and want to get an idea of whether their videos are interesting.

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How to Make Money on YouTube as a Beginner

Making money as a beginner content creator can be difficult on YouTube. But you can go viral and become popular in less time by following the right strategy. Below are a few tricks that you should employ if you want to learn how to make money on YouTube as a beginner

Optimize Your Videos

Making money on YouTube kids is all about getting more views. For this, you’ll have to optimize your videos and make them more search-friendly. We recommend you make good use of your Title and use the right keywords. Moreover, use the description to your advantage and let your audience know what your video entails. You can also place links to your other videos that are relevant to the same topic.

Brand Sponsorship

YouTube has made it difficult to monetize Kids YouTube channels. The rules and regulations stop the platform from using the data for showing too much advertisement. So the next best option for content creators is to get brand sponsorship.

Brands will approach you once you’ve enough subscribers or if any of your videos went viral. You can also contact brands whose products are relevant to the ‘Made for Kids’ tag. You or your kids can review the products to engage the right brands. This is an easy method to start making money as a beginner on YouTube.

Sell Kid-Friendly Merchandise

Another way to earn money from YouTube kids is by selling kid-friendly merchandise. For this, you’ll need a good audience loyal to your channel. You can sell stickers, coasters, shirts, toys, or eBooks to your audience. However, this will require you to invest some money in making such physical or digital products.

Also, make sure your videos are adding some value and include quality content. This will help you avoid the “YouTube demonetizing kid videos” wave. The platform is no longer monetizing videos that are of low quality or sound too promotional.

Become an Affiliate Marketer

Affiliate marketing is a good option in case you don’t have the resources to start your own merchandise. You can review products or talk about them and then share the link to that product in the description. If your audience likes that product, they can purchase them using your link.

Each time someone will buy those items, you’ll receive a commission. This is an excellent approach to making some passive income as a YouTuber.

How to Make Your YouTube Channel Kid-Friendly

Making money on YouTube is one thing but you cannot grow without making your videos kid-friendly. The platform has strict guidelines and you must follow them. If you aren’t aware of them, learn how to make your YouTube channel kid-friendly.

You should ensure that you’re your YouTube channel is:

  • Following the rules and community guidelines
  • Offering quality content for the selected age group
  • Not too much promotional or commercial
  • Edited for privacy purposes and have safe settings on
  • Suitable for the “Made for Kids” tag

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Takeaway Words

We hope you have now learnt how to make money by creating YouTube kids videos. All you have to do is create a kids YouTube channel and make videos keeping in mind children’s interests. We recommend you use the right equipment and video editing to produce quality videos. Follow the guidelines and don’t forget to view the videos if your kids are making them.


Do YouTube videos for kids make money?

Yes, YouTube videos for kids make money if they are high-quality. You can make $5 per every thousand views on Kids YouTube through ads and monetization.

How do I make my kids YouTube channel successful?

To make your Kids YouTube channel popular and successful:

  • Have a clear direction for the channel
  • Use the right production and editing tools
  • Select the right Privacy Settings
  • Set rules and ensure safety for your YouTuber kid

Can a 10 Year-Old Make Money on YouTube?

Yes, a 10-year-old can make money on YouTube Kids. However, the parents will have to create the account on the platform using their own email account. Furthermore, caretakers should also view and evaluate the content before posting the videos or making them public on YouTube.

What videos can kids make?

Kids can make videos on popular topics like:

  • Unboxings items
  • Reviews on products or toys
  • Kid-friendly challenges
  • Arts, designing, and crafts
  • Video gaming and cooking

Should I set my YouTube video Made for Kids?

Yes, you must set your YouTube videos as “made for kids” if your content is for children. You can select the settings for some videos or the whole channel. However, if any of your videos are not in alignment with YouTube Kids rules, you should select “Not Made for Kids” settings.

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